About Orchester

Our expertise is focused on finding the right Japanese technologies, patents or companies to assist your expansion, and maximize your profitability overseas.

Specializing in the Medical, Renewable Energy, Biotech and Eco Technology sectors, we can connect you with all natures of potential strategic business partners. The service is backed by our professional matching and industry specialists with years of market experience and our extensive network of international trade contacts. Our consultants are fluent in English, Arabic, Chinese, as well as Japanese, and are dedicated to establishing close lines of communication on your behalf with potential business matches.

Smaller Japanese start-ups, and the firms producing the most exciting, cutting-edge technology, often don’t have the infrastructure or networking to be readily available for outside investors and potential regional partners. This is where Orchester’s ability to introduce companies stands out. Our networking is about establishing bridges between overseas companies like your own, and these firms. We understand the technology, and can give presentations of the technology for you, via our in-house translation and interpretation services.

Orchester's Mission

  1. Develop and diversify markets in Japan for overseas companies.
  2. Assist overseas companies to promote and sell Japanese technology and services in international markets.
  3. Enhance Japan's standing as a partner and platform for global business and support for free trade

To create and facilitate opportunities in Japan for Middle Eastern companies, especially small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), and to promote a positive image of Japan. Orchester, inc. is an established business matching consultancy with expertise in partnering with a range of marketing disciplines including Hospitals, Medicine, start-up companies, Renewable Energy and Ecological Technology. It is our priority to accurately represent the business and the client to each other, and find excellent opportunities for our clients. Our business acumen easily asserts an ongoing strategy that will provide short and medium term opportunities and most importantly, long term success.